Olympic Park could be site of British Silicon Valley

The Olympic Park in Stratford would be the ideal location to kick-start a technology revolution, according to the CEO of mPowa.

Dan Wagner, who is also the chairman of mPowa, was making his comments as the Prime Minister announced the importance of establishing a definitive technology centre in London.

David Cameron emphasised the value in developing a space in which British aspiring tech companies can expand and flourish. This comes at a time in which the nation is looking to emulate the advancements made by the US with its world-renowned ‘Silicon Valley’, in order to compete in the global race for economic power.

Dan Wagner said: “With the Olympic motto ‘inspire a generation’ still ringing in our ears, the Olympic park in Stratford would serve as the ideal location to kick-start a tech revolution in Britain. This is the sort of innovation that could turn the tide on our nation’s debt. In the past there has been a chronic lack of investment in British tech start-ups. And considering that Britain is equipped with some of the brightest minds in technology, there really is no excuse for a lack of innovation.

“Britain must strive to compete with the US and the other emerging markets by means of matching their technological advances or face a struggle to return to a period of measurable growth. When the government realises the importance of a thriving technology industry, it is an important step to creating growth in genuine growth areas. With this in mind, Britain has reason to be optimistic about the future.”

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