Olympic leftovers given to Stratford community centre

Household items used by officials and journalists in the Olympic Park were given to a Stratford community centre.

The Carpenters & Docklands Centre, on the Carpenters Estate, are replacing their old scratched pots and pans with the donated ones to be used for making children’s breakfast and after school clubs.

The community centre, run by Docklands Settlements, will also enjoy new cutlery for their Golden Ladies bingo club, a Bengali women’s group, dance club, and scouts and beavers.

Under its contract with LOCOG, student accommodation operator UNITE had to provide a home to over 3,000 officials and journalists during the Games, leaving behind 7,000 items of nearly-new bedding, crockery, and kitchen utensils.

Rather than throw away 80 tonnes of goods, UNITE partnered up with the London Re-Use Network to distribute the leftovers to charities and community organisations.

Alan Blackmore, UNITE’S operations manager for the Olympics Project, said: “This provided us with a huge challenge in terms of ensuring the items we provided to journalists and officials during the Games went to good use; we had no intention of letting such a huge number of almost-new homewares be thrown out.

“London Re-Use’s credentials in supporting excellent local causes by providing unwanted household items made them the obvious choice for us to work with.

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“Now our students will be able to move straight into their new homes, and none of the objects bought by UNITE will go to waste, in keeping with the legacy of London 2012.”

The Docklands Settlement are currently in the process of negotiating a new premises in Stratford in keeping with regeneration plans.