Joining a new college or school in an ever-changing world

Jane says the cultural diversity at NewVIc is its "absolute strength"

NewVIc students enjoying a break - Credit: NewVIc

As we near the end of the academic year following more lockdowns and more online learning, it’s of no surprise that our students have excelled in their sheer willpower to succeed and stay focused on the positives of life.

We now look forward to welcoming new groups of determined and ambitious students who should be proud of the resilience they have shown in overcoming the challenges they have faced this past year.

We already know that many students will come with a range of new talents, skills and fresh ideas, which we will enhance, invest time in and grow with.

Many will also come with a new sense of confidence and independence, ready to build on their knowledge and experience, while others will thrive with a little guidance and nurturing, which lots of colleges and schools are ready to provide, more so now than ever before.

NewVIc principal, Mandeep Gill, advised students to work hard to provide teachers with the evidence

Principal Mandeep Gill says NewVIc is proud to be inclusive and diverse - Credit: NewVIc

As a sixth form, NewVIc is proud to be inclusive and diverse and as such, we create a strong sense of community among all newcomers – and our returners.

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We provide students with the opportunity to connect with others by collaborating to produce, critique and share work.

As these new aspiring historians, medics, psychologists, entrepreneurs, artists and more, attend specialist lectures with leading universities, practice experimental science, overcome what seems like impossible maths challenges, participate in sports, and create products and performances, we should all celebrate, from the onset, each students’ determination to overcome challenges and accomplish their goals.

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Let us remind ourselves of the positive impact of empowering young minds, regardless of their starting point, as they prepare themselves for the ever-changing world.

With an increase in practical apprenticeship opportunities, brand new qualifications, digital enhancements and substantial developments across all major industries, education will support students to keep steadfast in their pursuit of their dream careers.

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