NewVIC college students cycle from Paris to Plaistow

A group of NewVIc staff students took to their bikes and rode more than 300km from Paris to the Plaistow college.

Cyclists Joel Alarcon, Herick Moukodi, Jean-Paul Monnet, Peter Sinal, and Rihards Golsts (CORR) put the Easter break to good use by visiting a school in the French capital, Lycee Montesquieu in le Plessis Robinson,

Here, they took part in sports activities with the school’s pupils and took in the sights before setting off back home.

Riding an estimated 60km a day for five days, the group passed through Gisors, Forges, Dieppe, Grombridge.

They also took advantage of the activities on offer. They included cheese and cider making, and visits to a medieval castle and a eco-friendly house.

The trip was organised by Jean-Paul Monnet, who is teaching sport at NewVIc this year as part of the Jules Verne exchange programme.