'It's about safety': Manor Park neighbours urge council to crack down on pavement parking

lorry parked on pavement

Residents in Manor Park say they are fed up of drivers using pavements to park. - Credit: Iqbal Hussain

Manor Park residents have urged Newham Council to do more to stop drivers parking on pavements.

A group of neighbours and councillors say they are fed up of motorists blocking walkways in Romford Road and surrounding streets.


Vehicles parked on pavements in Romford Road and surrounding streets. - Credit: Iqbal Hussain

Iqbal Hussain said: "It's about safety. Children walk on these pavements. How long before something serious happens?"

Cllr Ken Clark, who represents Manor Park ward, said the issue had been raised with Cllr James Asser, who is cabinet member for environment, highways and sustainable transport at the council.

"We're all getting very frustrated - it's been going on for years - but the issue gets kicked around," Cllr Clark said.

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He claimed the council had promised a blitz on vehicles to the level where they are picked up and taken to the pound.

"Trouble is, a blitz is a blitz, then people creep back. People do it with impunity," he said.

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Resident Mohammed Chowdhury said: "I'm disappointed with the council. It seems they are not doing enough."

He believed the problem spirals with drivers getting away with parking on pavements emboldened to do it more.


More vehicles parked up in Romford Road and surrounding streets. - Credit: Iqbal Hussain

A council spokesperson said: "We are in close consultation with residents to address their concerns about parking [in] Romford Road and are exploring a number of options to fix the problem.

"The council urges all drivers to think twice before parking in prohibited areas – you are putting others in danger and you will be penalised."

Last month, the transport secretary, Conservative MP Grant Shapps, announced changes to the Highway Code.

A new hierarchy of road users would see those seen as doing the "greatest harm" - such as car, van and lorry drivers - bearing the "greatest responsibility" for reducing dangers they may pose to others.

Cllr Salim Patel, who also represents Manor Park, said the issue of traffic wardens not tackling drivers had been raised with the local authority.

Newham's spokesperson said the local authority is monitoring footway parking on a daily basis and has increased the frequency of enforcement visits.

To report concerns, call Newham's parking enforcement hotline on 020 3373 0660.

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