Newham teachers’ rep calls for Ofsted to be abolished

Peter Smith, the divisional secretary for Newham Teachers' Association, who has called for the aboli

Peter Smith, the divisional secretary for Newham Teachers' Association, who has called for the abolition of Ofsted - Credit: Archant

Government policy has caused soaring stress levels among teachers, according to the divisional secretary of Newham Teachers’ Association.

Peter Smith, 65, accused Ofsted of encouraging a “bullying mentality” in schools and called for the inspecting body to be abolished.

Speaking to the Recorder after a BBC investigation found stress levels among teachers are on the rise, Peter said: “I have noticed a significant increase in individual case work – teachers are stressed because of the workload and so more cases are being raised.

“I think the reason for this is government policy, which is constraining teachers to targets of exam results.”

He said he has noticed some teachers opting to leave the profession because the workload is too much and explained, as a result, his own workload has significantly increased.

“I’d like to see the abolition of Ofsted,” Peter added.

“Teachers spend too much time responding to government policy. Ofsted has a bullying mentality towards schools and encourages that bullying mentality to be cascaded down through the school.

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“I think there should be a system that’s aimed at praising schools rather than denigrating them.”

The National Union for Teachers (NUT) recommends a new approach to evaluating schools that involves teachers, parents and local communities.

In a speech to the Association of School and College Leaders Conference last week, Ofsted’s National Director for Schools, Sean Harford’s said: So long as leaders are well trained and knowledgeable in review techniques, and rigour is maintained, the idea of schools evaluating each other’s performance is something we strongly support as the way forward.”

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