NewVIc student on 'inspiring' parents and his college journey so far

Newham Sixth Form College student Kean 

Newham Sixth Form College student Kean - Credit: NEWVIC

NewVIc student Kean is a first-year BTEC Level 3 student studying IT.

Alongside his course, Kean is also a part of the college’s Student Council and Campaign Champion.

Kean is also an avid student ambassador. He arrived from Algeria from British International School in Algiers and joined the college.

We caught up with Kean to find out a little more about his journey so far.

What made you choose NewVIc?

“I chose to come to the college of the enormous amount of support that was on offer and the different enrichment that I could get involved in at the college.

"The college has great learning facilities and I feel will benefit my future.”

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How have you found college so far?

“My time at NewVIc has been very positive so far. I have met some great people who I consider my closest friends, my college family.

"I have also learnt so much with teachers and support staff at the college.

"Getting involved in the different enrichment has helped me develop new skills and build my confidence, which I definitely didn’t have before I came to NewVIc.”

Kean (top right) with fellow student ambassadors at Newham Sixth Form College 

Kean (top right) with fellow student ambassadors at Newham Sixth Form College - Credit: NEWVIC

Is there anything you wish you had known that you do now?

“Always be yourself. Don't ever change who you are or what you stand for to please anyone in life.

"It is never worth it and something I stand by.”

Who is the most inspiring person you have ever met?

“I know this will sound a little bit cliché but I definitely find both my parents as inspiring people.

"They both immigrated to the UK as young adults with absolutely nothing.

"They worked hard; both have PHDs and built an amazing life for not only themselves but for my siblings and me.

"I get my work ethic from them. They never let the boundaries stop them from achieving their goals. I can also achieve my goals in life.”

How are you supported at NewVIc?

“I feel the teaching staff try to help and support every student regardless of their starting points in order to achieve their ambitions and great grades.

"They challenge, encourage and support all of us. The careers advice I got from the college has also helped me to see the various opportunities that are available and has given clarity to the career path I would like to pursue.”

Tell us about your involvement with the Campaign Champions and being a Student Ambassador?

“I enjoy getting involved with helping and explaining things to students at open days and at external school visits.

"It gives me the opportunity to gain key skills that help me in my future.

"With the Campaign Champions, we are working on a youth safety campaign with a huge win regarding the use of buses and Transport for London.

"All of these extra-curricular activities will help me and be useful in my educational career.”

What is your advice for students considering NewVIc?

“My advice for all prospective students is don’t be nervous or afraid.

"The staff and teachers are super helpful and understanding.

"They all want the best for us and help us reach our full potential.”

So what is next for you?

“To continue my current course of study and hopefully get accepted onto a degree apprenticeship in digital solutions at Price Waterhouse Coopers next year.”