Newham’s young people learn lessons of Middle East conflict

Young people were given lessons on how best to deal with conflict from those with an acute experience of one of the world’s troublespots.

Peace workers from Israel and Palestine attended the Local meets Global event in Manor Park last week, organised by Conflict and Change.

The voluntary organisation devised the Truce 20/20 project to train young people how to deal with conflict at school or on the streets of the borough.

More than 50 people were given the chance to share their experiences of crime and violence in the borough.

Jasmine Simeron, a Truce 20/20 graduate who won an award for ‘Young Trainer of the Year’ at the national Peerlink Awards in 2010, said she took away “hope and unity” from the session.

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She added: “I have seen so many young people from our project here, showing their interest in making a difference in our community.”

Klaudia Brezna, Truce 20/20 project manager, said: “It was great to see so many young people who are committed to act as positive role models in their communities and inspire other young people.

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“The issues of ‘postcode wars’ and gang crime experienced by the local youth strongly related to conflict over territories between Palestine and Israel.”

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