Newham’s ‘selfless’ blood donors saved 1,000 lives

Four dedicated donors who have given enough blood to save 1,000 lives were rewarded for their commitment recently.

The lifesavers from Stratford, Custom House, Barking and Dagenham joined more than 55 fellow donors from across London at the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) awards ceremony held recently in Canary Wharf.

It recognised people who have reached the milestones of 75 and 100 donations – each donation with the potential of saving three people’s lives. Out of the four per cent of the eligible population who give blood, only three per cent ever manage to reach 75 donations and just one per cent reach 100.

During the ceremony, the donors gained an insight into how their one hour of time every four months has helped people like Lloyd Scott – a leukaemia survivor who has become known for his fundraising escapades including completing the London Marathon in a deep-sea diving outfit.

Lloyd said: “I have gone on to raise over �5.5 million for a number of charities - the knock on effect just through saving me has been absolutely immense. As far as I’m concerned, in terms of human beings and what you (donors) have contributed as it takes such a long period of time, in my opinion you are all gold medallists.”

Donors received either a crystal plate (75 donations) or decanter (100 donations) from NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) as a token of appreciation.

Derek Carr, Lead Donor Relations Manager at NHSBT, said: “I cannot emphasise enough, our appreciation of the commitment you (donors) have made over many years as you donated each unit of blood at donor centres, church halls, community centres or maybe at your place of work.

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“No matter how skilled the nurses, doctors or surgeons are, without the blood donated by loyal and selfless blood donors like you, much of their life saving work would not be able to take place.”