Newham’s hotspots take pride of place in Stratford Library

Community art doesn’t get more local than ‘It’s a Newham Thing’ – an interactive exhibition currently at Stratford Library.

Commissioned by Newham New Deal Partnership (NDP), the new project highlights unusual and hidden places loved by residents and visitors.

The brainchild of local artist and filmmaker Rayna Nadeem, the exhibition is installed in The Hopkins Room of the newly refurbished library as part of a year-long project.

A map of interesting spots will be distributed in schools, community centres, libraries and hotels with local volunteers handing them out during the Games while residents can continue to make contributions of their own by logging on to

Rayna said: “I have been working with Newham residents who have been exploring and re-engaging with their immediate environment by nominating their cherished places around the borough, which I have been documenting through interviews and photography.

“Our project is accessible to everybody, not only can they hear the personal audio interviews online, they can interact and upload their own favourite places on to our virtual map.

“We want this to be an evolving story as Newham’s face continues to change, our site will be there for local groups and individuals to contribute to, to browse and to use for reference.”

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Jessica Wanamaker, Chief Executive of Newham NDP, said: “We hope to expose exciting and unusual places within the borough that have a story to tell, whether past of present, nurtured or neglected, places that might be otherwise overlooked.

“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the diverse places and fascinating history Newham has to offer and to get local people involved with identifying places in the borough they love.”