Newham’s Baby Blog: “I want to be the kind of mum that will inspire them, that they can be proud of”

Shara Bennett.

Shara Bennett. - Credit: Archant

2013 is set to be the Year of the Royal Baby. So the Recorder is happy to introduce Newham’s very own mum-to-be, Shara Bennett, who is due to give birth around the same time as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. Shara will be writing fortnightly baby blogs so readers can follow her story right up until the birth itself in July.

I could not believe it had only taken three months to get pregnant!

This baby had been planned with precision and now here I was, positive test in hand.

I currently live in North Woolwich with my wonderful partner Kevin who is a constant support, even when I am being a bit of a pain, and my two beautiful daughters, Acacia aged 10 and Amelia aged four. They are my world.

I had not long finished three years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to get myself through university. 90 per cent of my focus was my girls. I want to be the kind of mum that will inspire them and that they can be proud of.

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I was a 19-year-old single mum when I had my first child Acacia.

Being 30 and having my third child, I definitely notice the difference in the toll it takes on my body compared to back then.

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Especially when you add another child, a partner, working, and a home to run into the equation, it’s easy to see why I feel like I have less of a spring in my step this time around!

This is going to be my third baby, but it is in fact my fourth pregnancy.

I was unfortunate to experience a miscarriage in October 2011. Although I was only in my first trimester when it happened, it was still an extremely painful and traumatic experience.

That experience made this pregnancy even more special and exciting.

I won’t pretend that I haven’t had moments that I have been worried sick about something going wrong.

I was a worry wart until I had my 12 week scan and finally got to see my baby and hear the heartbeat.

A miscarriage is an awful thing to go through, but just like me, women do get through it and come out strong the other side.

I am now almost 22 weeks through my pregnancy, due on July 27. I know that I am carrying another baby girl, so my poor partner will soon have a harem of his own!

She is doing well and is a proper little gymnast in there already! The third trimester is only a blink away!

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