Newham residents get free London 2012 tickets

Boris Johnson does not believe the sight of empty seats at Olympic venues has put Newham residents off going to the Games.

The London Mayor was at the ExCeL centre in Custom House with pupils from Langdon School in East Ham.

The youngsters were handed 152 tickets as part of Locog’s Get Set scheme, following a pledge by the Mayor’s office that one in eight schoolchildren would be able to get a ticket to the Games.

Speaking to the Recorder - fresh from freeing himself from a zip line at Victoria Park, Mr Johnson said he still beleived the Olympics has inspired the borough’s youngsters.

He said: “I’m very pleased that lots of people have been able to see some benefit from the Olympics.

“From just talking to the kids just now I am confident that they will be able to enjoy it.”

Mr Johnson also reiterated his belief that the event would have a long-term effect on east London.

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“The cable car has provided a fantastic signal of the progress that (the area) has undergone. It is starting to be felt and that’s good.”

Reflecting on the start of the Olympics and its effect on everyday commuters, he added: “The great thing we have done is clear the first hurdle.

“The key idea to get over is this point that people should visit London. We made it very, very clear that London is open for business.”

The Langdon pupils attended wrestling at the ExceL

Teacher Tasnim Yusuf said: “The pupils are really thrilled to be going to see the Olympic Games in their home city, it is something they will remember for the rest of the their lives.

“I hope that by encouraging young Londoners to go the Olympic Games through the provision of free tickets, it will encourage them to stay healthy and active.”