Newham Police’s Borough Commander: “We need to recruit a workforce that more closely reflects London”

Newham's Borough Commander Rob Jones.

Newham's Borough Commander Rob Jones. - Credit: Archant

Here at the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), we are committed to putting more constables on the streets than ever before.

We are aiming for around 26,000 in the near future - an uplift of 2,000 officers.

We have already recruited nearly 800 constables this financial year from our Special Constables, PCSOs and police staff, as well as through the new graduate scheme.

To help achieve our remaining target, we will begin recruiting externally from this summer, offering members of the public their first chance, for several years to join London’s police service.

London’s population continues to grow and become increasingly more diverse.

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We believe that to police a diverse city like London successfully and with the consent, support and engagement of the communities we serve, we need to recruit a workforce that more closely reflects London.

Metropolitan police officers occupy a key position in the communities of London, ensuring safety and security.

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Policing is a unique job with unique demands, particularly in a city as incomparable as London.

It’s not easy, but it is rewarding - packed full of new and interesting experiences.

London covers 620 square miles and is home to around 8.2 million people speaking over 300 different languages.

In this most vibrant and complex of cities, this presents an ever-evolving challenge for the MPS when fighting to reduce crime - and the fear of crime - through total policing.

Last week PC Sal Bhugaloo and PC Abs Shah, along with Special Constables, ran a recruitment event in Westfield shopping centre. Lots of members of the public stopped by and asked questions about the Met and recruitment, and children were fascinated by the police car on display!

We are looking forward to getting lots of applications from Newham residents.

Our latest media campaign is focused on attracting Londoners and those from under represented groups to enable the Met to better reflect the look and feel of London.

Our careers website states that the MPS will be recruiting members of the public into constable roles this summer and candidates have the opportunity to register their interest to apply.

Candidates from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds who register an interest will be contacted about the support on offer. For more information on joining the Met as a police constable, please go to

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