Newham police chief pays tribute to ‘amazing’ volunteers

Newham police thanked their army of ‘amazing’ volunteers for their outstanding contribution to the force last week.

On Monday June 18, 21 members of the Met Police Volunteer Programme (MVP), who either live or work in the borough, were thanked by Borough Commander Rob Jones for their help in making Newham safer.

The volunteers take on roles across the police service including on station receptions, Citizen Focus Units, Specialist Units, and other administrative roles.

Borough Commander Rob Jones said: “Newham police has an amazing army of volunteers, many of them local people, who give their time selflessly in the service of the community.

“Our volunteers are the people who greet and assist those who come to our police stations for help, who lead and guide our police cadets, who help out at public events.

“Many have impressive specialist skills to train our officers in officer safety and information technology.

“They are also the people who support victims of crime and check we have met their needs and provided the level of service they expect and deserve.

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“It was a privilege to be able to meet and thank them on behalf of us all for their hard work and contribution to society.”

Deborah Gregory received a special commendation for putting in excess of 450 hours over the past year.

Natasha Bright, Newham’s volunteer programme manager, said: “Our volunteers are diverse in backgrounds, skills, knowledge and experience and enhance the service Newham’s police provide, giving a tremendous amount of their time to help support local police day in day out.”

For more information on applying the MVP, contact Natasha Bright on 020 8217 5309 or visit