Newham owners urged to microchip pets, aviod heartbreak

Newham pet owners are being urged to get their lovable pooches and moggies microchipped in procedures that could save them years of heartbreak.

The call comes from veterinary staff at Bow PDSA PetAid hospital who want animal lovers to get their pets microchipped. The procedure takes just seconds but can save years of heartbreak for pets and people alike.

Every week, injured pets without owners are brought into the Malmesbury Road hospital for treatment. But with no means of identification, the chances of a happy reunion are slim.

Geraldine Coles, PDSA Head Nurse, said: “Sadly, animals that are brought here without a microchip are much less likely to be reunited with their owners. So not only are they often injured or sick, they also have to suffer the pain of separation from their owners.”

PDSA is not a rehoming charity but does offer a microchipping service for �14. The service is also available to non clients at the same price.

Geraldine said: “It takes about ten seconds to microchip your pet. The chip itself is about the size of a grain of rice and it’s a harmless procedure. Each chip has its own unique number which, when scanned, reveals the owner’s details.

“We never think it will happen to us but imagine how you would feel if your pet was lost and you had no way of tracing it. It’s so quick and easy to avoid this nightmare, which is why we urge pet owners to think about microchipping.”

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For more information, or to book a microchipping consultation, visit Bow PDSA PetAid hospital, on Malmesbury Road, or call 0208 980 5011.

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