Newham mums-to-be have extra midwife

More expectant mothers in Newham can enjoy giving birth at home with the expansion of a team of specialist midwives.

Gwen Helin has now joined Pamela Brodie and Elaine Carter at Newham University Hospital’s Home Birth Team to bring the team up to three midwives.

The service, which has been delivering about 70 babies each year, now hopes to double the number of women with low risk pregnancies who have babies at home.

Demi Tait had her baby girl Indiana at home. She said: “It was absolutely magical, empowering - being in my own home helped me tremendously. My mum sat there knitting in the corner throughout the labour. I had my music playlist and the midwife, Elaine and I sang our way through labour.”

Research shows that for women with low risk pregnancies, giving birth at home is as safe as hospital. Being in a familiar environment can reduce anxiety, increase relaxation and so promote progress in labour.

All home birthers – whether interested, planned or completed - are welcome to join the monthly meeting group at Freemasons Midwifery Centre, 20 Freemasons Road, Custom House. The group meets on the last Wednesday of the month from 12 to 2pm for a ‘bring and eat’ lunch for mums to be and for mums and their babies. On sunny days the group meets for a ‘bring and eat’ picnic at West Ham Park instead.

Pamela Brodie said: “Home birth is open to all Newham residents including for first time births. Even if you have already made hospital plans it is not too late to consider if a home birth might be for you – just ask your midwife.” To find out more, call 020 8090 0200.