Newham MPs in favour of Islamic State air strikes

Newham MPs Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms voted for air strikes in Iraq

Newham MPs Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms voted for air strikes in Iraq - Credit: Archant

Newham’s MPs have both voted today to support UK airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq.

Lyn Brown and Stephen Timms were in Parliament today after it was recalled to vote on action against the group.

It follows a formal request from the Iraqi government for the UK to join international efforts to end the attacks on civilians across large parts of the country.

The House of Commons approved air strike action this afternoon by a majority of 524 votes to 43.

The motion put before the House of Commons in the six hour debate included the condemnation of “barbaric” acts against Iraqi citizens, but noted that it does not endorse air strikes in Syria or the deployment of troops on the ground, which would require a further vote.

Lyn Brown, who represents West Ham, said the air strikes were “a last resort” but that it was “right that we play our part” in protecting Iraqi citizens from the jihadist group.

Referring to IS, formerly known as ISIS, she said: “This is a group who have persecuted Yazidi, Christian and Shia communities throughout the region, carrying out mass killings of minority groups and spreading a message of hate and violence.

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“They have buried the innocent alive, crucified people in the streets, carried out the most revolting mass executions and decapitated hostages.”

She was joined in her support for air strikes by fellow Labour MP Stephen Timms.

He said that he had been “particularly troubled by the plight of religious minorities in northern Iraq” who have been targeted by IS, and that “it would be wrong” to ignore the threat to those living in the region.

The East Ham MP added: “International airstrikes against IS – which have a clear legal basis – must be accompanied by a wider political and diplomatic strategy.

“In particular, the UK must support an inclusive and democratic Iraqi Government that can win the confidence of all Iraqis, combat ISIL and restore stability and security.”

Following the approval of action in Iraq, it could be just a matter of hours before air strikes begin.

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