Newham Mayor warns of ‘tough decisions’ as council face funding cuts

Sir Robin Wales

Sir Robin Wales - Credit: Newham Cll PR

The Mayor of Newham has vowed to work with residents and businesses in order to tackle future challenges as the council face huge cuts in government funding.

During a speech at Newham Council’s Annual General Meeting on May 15, Sir Robin Wales, warned the council will need to make tough decisions as they face cuts up to £91 million a year, in five years time.

He said: “In five years time we will have £91 million less to spend a year. That’s more than we spend now on street cleaning, collecting the bins, street lighting and running libraries – twice over.

“So far we have been able to protect frontline services that matter most to people through our relentless focus on efficiency. We can – and will be more radical so that we can do more.

“We must prioritise the things that matter the most to local people. In the months ahead we will be conducting thousands of conversations with residents and businesses. This is so everyone gets a say in our future plans and we can protect the most valuable services for our residents.”