Newham man’s memoirs published by his daughter

The memoirs of a man determined to serve his country despite being disabled as a result of a childhood accident have been published by his daughter.

Ann Martin, 58, who lives in Romford, has published her father’s recollections in a book called Stop Looking Stop Living. It is, as the preface states, “ a simple record of facts and people without romance or exaggeration.”

Donald Silvester Turner was born in Stratford in 1920 and began recording his life from an early age.

Ann said: “ I knew he was writing his memoirs, but never found them until after his death in 2010. He stopped writing them in 1996, I don’t know why he picked then to stop.

“When he was 10 years old, he had an accident which left him permanently disabled for the rest of his life, but this did not stop him at all. During the war years, he remained in the borough of West Ham and worked for the British Red Cross Society and at Queen Mary’s hospital, West Ham Lane dealing with the injuries of the bombing and other medical emergencies.

“In 1963, my family moved to Basildon as the people he worked for (Her Majesty’s Stationary Office) relocated there. The book continues with his promotions through the HMSO Printing Division, the death of my own mum in 1969 and his remarriage in 1979.”

Ann has donated several copies of the book, which is published by Troubador Publishing Ltd, to libraries in Newham and Basildon while the Imperial War Museum and St John’s Ambulance have also expressed interest.

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