Newham Mag to be published fortnightly despite legal threat

Newham Mag will return to fortnightly publication

Newham Mag will return to fortnightly publication - Credit: Archant

Newham Mag will be published fortnightly despite the council being threatened with legal action.

The publication was challenged by the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Government Publicity in April, with guidelines suggesting that it should be no more frequently than quarterly.

Since then, its frequency has been occasional but it will now return to a fortnightly basis following a unanimous vote at a council meeting last week.

Eric Pickles had sent a letter to the council giving it a two-week ultimatum to stop publishing or explain why it should not face legal action.

The council’s rebuttal included that that quarterly publication would not enable the council to serve its most disadvantaged and minority households.

No response to its submissions has yet been received.

Production, print and distribution of the magazine for 2013/14 cost £388,3872.81 which the council described as “value for money” in a report.

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It noted that the magazine generates a significant number of enquiries in relation to fostering and adoption.

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