Newham is in bottom five boroughs for 13 crimes

Police forced entry into the Grove Road house on Tuesday

Police forced entry into the Grove Road house on Tuesday - Credit: Archant

Newham has been ranked as one of the worst five boroughs for 13 crimes, including rape, robbery and grievous bodily harm, a police report can reveal.

The figures have been highlighted following the publication of the Metropolitan Police Service’s crime performance data for 2014/15.

The report includes data for all 33 London boroughs except for the City of London but also includes Heathrow Airport.

Newham’s worst crimes, for which it has been ranked as the second worst borough, include robbery from a personal property, motor vehicle theft and handling stolen goods.

There were 1409 cases of robbery from a personal property between April 2014 and March 2015. Newham narrowly missed the top spot for the worst borough, which went to Westminster with 1636 cases.

There were also 1047 motor vehicle thefts, just five less than in Wandsworth, and 74 cases of handling stolen goods compared to Lambeth’s 89.

Newham is also the third worst borough for rape with 250 cases. Croydon is the worst borough with 307 cases.

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The crime performance data has also revealed that Newham is one of the worst boroughs for violence, being ranked as the 4th worst for common assault and grievous bodily harm and the 5th worst for assault with injury.

The borough’s best ranking was for the crime of burglary in buildings not including dwellings, for which there were 757 cases, putting Newham exactly midway on the table.

This compared to 1821 cases in Westminster and 12 cases at Heathrow Airport, followed by 332 cases in Harrow.

Borough commander for Newham, Tony Nash, said: “Overall, crime has reduced in Newham to levels that have not been recorded since 2005.

“In terms of specific crime types, working with our many partners, Newham has seen significant reductions in victims of burglary, robbery, motor vehicle crime and theft of mobile phones. All are at the lowest levels for ten years.

“Only in two crime types has there been an increase in the numbers of victims year on year. Criminal damage is the first and the second crime increase has been violence with injury being caused.

“This has been a challenge for the police. The challenge of street based violence is acknowledged and Newham is determined to reduce this type of crime and reduce the number of victims.

“Police in Newham will continue to strive to reduce all types of crime, with particular emphasis on reducing levels of violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

“I am proud of the many achievements my staff and our partners have achieved in what is one of the most dynamically expanding areas of the UK.

“To continue to deliver and improve on this we need greater daily working not only with our partners but with our communities for they are the key to a safer and better Newham.”