Newham graduates defy statistics to start own clothing line

What do you get when two business graduates, a network techie, and a forensic scientist return to Newham after university?

A thriving clothing line featuring cartoon superheroes, of course.

This enterprising foursome from Newham stood up to the statistic that almost a third of 16 to 24-year-olds in the borough are looking for work by setting up their own business.

Ever since, the clothing line as been a labour of love for Jay Oscar December, 23, of Canning Town, Carina Pellis, of Stratford, Emmanuel Alausa, of East Ham, and Chiaka Chiagorom of East Ham, all aged 22.

Jay first came up with the ideas for seven animal characters that are college students and undercover superheroes to take his mind off exam stress while he was studying Network Technology at the University of Essex.

He developed them with the help of his cousin Travis Constantine and friend Josue Tripi into fully developed characters called Chucky Chuckz, Panda Jan, Stevie the Turtle, Spencer, Kitan, Travis, and Richard the Chimp.

The characters have formed into Chucky Chuckz the brand, with characters emblazoned on t-shirts, jumpers, phone cases - soon extending their successful merchandise into baseball caps, keyrings, socks, and hats.

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Carina said: “We believe in being positive role models for the community we live in and strive to be the best we can be.

“We want to show people that if you want to put yourself on a platform to showcase your creative capabilities, it can be very conducive for your intended environment.

“We want to show people that despite your age or gender, innovative concepts will always be welcome.”

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