Newham Council urged to move zebra crossing

A charity for blind people is urging Newham Council to resite a zebra crossing after a blind man was hit by a bus while crossing the road.

Mohammed Mohsan Ali, who is registered blind, was hit while using the crossing on Plashet Road, at the junction with Green Street on June 16. Luckily he escaped without injury but was left extremely shaken by the accident. Mohammed has epilepsy and following the incident he suffered a minor seizure as a result of the stress.

Mohammed said: “I grew up in Newham and I used to feel safe when walking from my family home to the station. I’ve now lost my confidence and am too frightened to use that crossing on my own. My independence means everything to me but the area round my own home has become a ‘no-go’ zone.”

In March of this year Mohammed cut his head in Green Street as a result of walking into metal barriers surrounding the pavement works. Further investigation revealed the extent of the changes due to take place, including the removal of guard rails, relocation of the zebra crossing and adjustments to the road layout.

A spokesman for Newham Council said: “The safety of all road users is paramount and the highways improvement work on Green Street has been carried out with this in mind. A pelican crossing was recently installed outside Upton Park station replacing the zebra crossing making it safer and easier for pedestrians to cross the road. This crossing is also equipped with tactile paving to assist visually impaired people and rotating cones to inform them when it is safe to cross. These measures will significantly improve the flow of traffic in the area making it safer for everyone using the road.”