Newham to roll out greener fleet as part of £20m plans

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The council is switching to greener vehicles as part of £20m plans to clean up its fleet. - Credit: PA Images

The town hall has approved plans to replace council vehicles with greener models.

Newham Council will change from its current leasing agreements and start replacing its fleet with 170 vans and 40 mini-buses which are either fully electric, hybrid or gas to liquid fuelled.

Cllr James Asser said: "The replacement vehicles offer positive benefits to air quality in the borough, they will consume less fuel and create less pollution.

"The cost of the new vehicles is in line with the current leasing arrangements and with a high number of our vehicle leases expiring this year now is the right time to begin the changes.

"We will be looking for further opportunities to invest in new greener vehicles as they become available as well as reducing vehicle use and moving to alternatives where possible."

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Approval to procure the first wave of greener vehicles was given at a meeting of cabinet chiefs on Tuesday, May 11.

It follows a decision in October last year to pump £20 million into a green fleet over the next five years.

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The vehicles would also ensure the council meets legal standards required by the ultra-low emission zone due to come into force this October.

Newham wants to make its fleet fully green by 2030.

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