Newham Council plans crackdown on 2012 Illegal parking

Authorities are preparing for a massive clampdown on motorists parking illegally during the Olympics.

Authorities are preparing for a massive clampdown on motorists parking illegally during the Olympics.

Newham Council is asking to be able to hit drivers with steeper fines and penalties while the Games take place.

It hopes a tough stance will deter the massive influx of visitors from clogging vital transport routes by parking in unauthorized spots.

Newham Council applied to London Councils - the body which represents all borough councils and is responsible for approving a capital wide fine structure – this week, to hike parking tickets by at least �70, from �130 to �200 for motorists guilty of a “serious contravention” of parking laws, for example blocking a bus lane.

The council also plans to beef up efforts to clamp and tow away cars – upping recovery charges to between �380 and �400 per vehicle, under proposals discussed on Thursday (13 October).

Increased penalties would only apply on the Olympic Route Network – key roads designated vital for the logistics of the event - during the Games.

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A spokesman said: “We are the host Olympic borough with all that implies. We have a significant amount of Olympic activity taking place within the borough.

In line with other Olympic host boroughs, where there will be similar people and vehicle movements taking place we are seeking to increase the fine solely for the duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Fellow Olympic borough Greenwich has gone even further, asking to levy fines of between �500 and �1,000.

The proposals have a number of hurdles to clear before finally being introduced. Once London Councils has discussed the fines, and made any recommendations to ensure tickets are not disproportionate from borough to borough, London’s Mayor must approve any changes. Any reforms are expected to get a final go ahead in December.

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