Newham College wants parents involved with students’ education

Tutors at Newham College want parents to increase their involvement with their teenagers when they study.

The call comes after a parents’ evening and after the College expanded its A Level subjects last September.

The event at the Stratford Campus attracted around 200 visitors and doubled last year’s figures.

Conchita Henry, Campus director, said: “We want to improve feedback from parents beyond parents’ evenings.

“One of our initiatives is to offer them a chance to keep in touch with us throughout the year. We want a real partnership with parents and carers because students do much better when their parents or carers support them.

“Last year, we had special meetings with the parents of 15 students that we thought were at risk in their exams. Parents helped to turn them around and the majority of them did very well.”

Other forms of contact, like other college campuses, include sending parents reports and drawing parents’ attention to any attendance problems their children may have.

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The parents’ evening was aimed at 16 -18 year olds on the campus. Since achieving a 95.6 per cent Level pass rate and B or higher grades of 30 per cent in August, the number of A Level students has increased to 140.

Nkeiru Atumonyogo, from Romford, spoke to tutors about her son Emeka, 16. Emeka wants to do A Levels after completing his GCSEs so that he can study medicine.

Nkeiru said: “I had a meeting with my son’s teacher and I learned a lot about what he should be doing and what he should not do.”