Newham can have a say on health diversity goals

Patients, staff and Newham residents can have their say on a list of new equality objectives proposed by the borough’s health bosses.

Newham University Hospital NHS Trust has proposed a total of seven to help it support its ongoing commitment to equality and diversity.

The Trust has already been recognised for its “enormous commitment” and extensive work to promote equality, diversity and human rights for patients and staff.

During 2010/11 it was one of just 23 Trust’s nationwide selected to be an NHS Employers Equality and Diversity Partner, which recognised it as an exemplar in the field of equality and diversity - particularly its Board level responsibility for equality and diversity and its Dignity at Work Scheme.

The Trust is now strengthening its commitment by setting these objectives.

They are:

1. To ensure that non-English speaking, profoundly deaf and hard of hearing service users receive safe, excellent service and are fully involved in their care, plan and treatment.

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2. To improve the care of people with dementia in hospital.

3. To reduce the number of staff reporting bullying and harassment in the workplace so that we are no longer in the bottom 20% in staff surveys.

4. To increase the opportunities for all staff in relation to career progression. To ensure equitable representation at all levels. To eliminate discrimination from employment processes.

5. For patients and their families/carers to have their care provided with respect to single sex accommodation – their gender, faith and to provide respectful and dignified End of Life (EOL) care where appropriate.

6. To ensure that Disability is not a barrier to accessing great care and service.

7. To routinely use equality monitoring data effectively to target for service improvement and avoid negative impacts.

You can give your views in a number of ways until April 13.

• Online –at

• By post: Write to Farida Malik, Head of Equality,Diversity and Customer Care, Newham University Hospital NHS Trust Glen Road, Plaistow E13 8SL

• By email: to