Newham Borough Commander Tony Nash highlights other work police do


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This week I’d like to highlight the fantastic work that Newham police carry out with our local young people and communities.

Whilst most police work focuses on law enforcement, some officers do have the happy opportunity to work with a variety of third party organisations to support, engage with young people and, in some cases, divert them away from crime and anti-social behaviour.

I recently visited the Newham All Star Basketball Sports Academy (NASSA) in Beckton.

We have been working with NASSA for several years now supporting their fabulous Carry a Basketball Not a Blade campaign, which was set up in 2008 to highlight the tragic loss of young lives through knife crime in London.

Officers regularly work with NASSA and Fight for Peace, the boxing and martial arts academy.

Like us, these organisations recognise the need to identify young people’s potential, particularly those who are not in work, training or education, and who may be involved in gang activity and crime.

By working with third party organisations and charities, we can help communities and individuals to find their own ways out of criminal activity and antisocial behaviour and into safer, legal, and more socially acceptable, pastimes.

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For those who can’t see a way out, we can provide guidance and support though a variety of borough agencies in the Newham partnership.

Working on partnership projects such as these will help our youngsters both now and in future generations, to have the freedom to make positive choices within a safe environment to become productive and successful adults. More Tony Nash

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