Newham Baby Blog: “Contractions had begun and baby was finally on her way!”

Shara Bennett with her newborn baby Amber.

Shara Bennett with her newborn baby Amber. - Credit: Archant

Three weeks after the world welcomed Prince George of Cambridge, Newham has its own reason to celebrate.

Shara Bennett and fiancee Kevin Pike with their newborn baby Amber.

Shara Bennett and fiancee Kevin Pike with their newborn baby Amber. - Credit: Archant

We have been following our very own mum-to-be Shara Bennett, 30, from North Woolwich, since she was 22 weeks pregnant.

She was due to give birth on July 27, around the same time as Kate Middleton, but her little princess arrived eight days later.

Shara writes her final Baby Blog for the Recorder - and, as you can see from the pictures, was worth every second of the wait.

“After numerous predictions that the baby would be early, when my due date came and went with no sign of her arrival I did begin to get impatient.

“I really struggled through the heat wave, any other time I would have been enjoying it but being pregnant made it unbearable.

“I was just getting more uncomfortable by the day and I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms.

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“Friday 2nd August, at six days overdue I visited the midwife for a sweep.

“With a 50/50 chance of working I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would not have to go into hospital for the induction that had been booked for the following week.

“Saturday 3rd August and still no sign of baby, thankfully I had a very busy day. Helping with a community street party meant that I had no time to think about being overdue.

“I did some dancing, had a bounce on the bouncing castle and did a whole lot of belly aching laughing to help get her moving down.

“It was a long day and when I got home that evening I knew things were starting to happen.

“Contractions had begun and baby was finally on her way.

“I arrived at hospital at 5.20am on the morning of Sunday 4th August.

“After being examined I was relieved to be told I was 9cm dilated, I had got that far with no pain relief.

“Labour and delivery was hard work, but I was lucky to get through without any complications.

“My beautiful princess had finally arrived on Sunday 4th August at 9.46am weighing 8lb 2oz, we named her Amber Rose and she is perfect in every way.

“We are looking forward to watching her grow with her two big sisters by her side.”

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