Newham announces its biggest home creation project for 25 years

Newham will see the creation of 220 homes in the biggest housing scheme seen in the borough for 25 years.

Newham Council has given the go-ahead for 22 family homes which will be built by the local authority as part of the largest programme of council built housing seen in the borough for 25 years.

As part of a £26million investment by the authority, 104 new council homes will be built over the next 18 months.

In addition to this, and with a £6.6m grant from the Greater London Authority, the council is purchasing 60 properties and converting a further 30 properties into three bedroom homes. Also, using this funding, the council will create 26 more homes by changing the use of vacant commercial buildings and acquiring homes on new developments to deliver a total programme of 220 homes. The rent on the homes will be affordable with 39 per cent of them let at social rents.

At a Local Development Committee meeting, councillors approved plans for 22 three bedroom homes which form part of this scheme. The properties will be built on the site of vacant garages have been demolished to make room for the family sized homes.

The schemes consist of eight two storey houses at Dormer Close and four two storey homes in Janson Close, both in Stratford .

Another 10 two storey homes will be built on land opposite Brede and Darwell Close in East Ham.

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As part of this scheme, councillors have also already approved 16 houses on two separate sites in the Royal Docks to be built as part of the same programme. The London Legacy Development Corporation has approved planning permission for three homes to be built on a site Kerrison Road, Stratford. Councillor Andrew Baikie, Executive Member for Housing and Customer Services said: “Our priority for Newham residents is to deliver new jobs, new housing and create balanced and mixed communities.The Affordable Housing programme will help us to deliver on this. Not only will this scheme bring much needed socially owned family homes to Newham, it will also help to bring disused sites back into use further enhancing the areas these homes are built in.

“We have a large housing waiting list so it is important we maximise high quality housing for our residents. As set out in our housing allocations policy, people in employment and members of the armed forces will be prioritised for these homes. We will do whatever we can to help those who are working hard on low wages and reward those who give something back to the community.”