‘Newham a gem of a place to be’

Kevin Jenkins

Kevin Jenkins - Credit: Archant

Kevin Jenkins, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor - Community Links

Congratulations to the Newham Bookshop on your 25th Anniversary (I can still remember the original small lock up shop in Custom House from which the Parents Centre and Bookshop evolved). Reading the richly deserved accolades set me thinking about the little gems across Newham that together makes Newham such a great and interesting place to live – the jewels in Newham’s crown.

The beautiful Theatre Royal that consistently produces ground breaking drama and new playwrights. West Ham United, our premiership club that won the world cup for England in 1966 and has over 100 years of proud history in Newham. The Newham and Essex Beagles who continue to produce our greatest Olympians from Daly Thompson to Mo Farah. The amazing and unique Abbey Mills Pumping Station, an architectural feat which resembles a cathedral rather than a sewage pumping station. St Marys East Ham, a truly inspiring Norman church surrounded by the largest churchyard nature reserve in the country. The Newham City Farm, a green oasis of 10 acres in the depth of Docklands where you can meet over 200 farmyard animals and learn that milk does not come out of a bottle or sweetcorn out of a tin. The Royal Docks themselves - the largest enclosed docks in the work which shaped the countries economy throughout most of the 20th century and played an integral role in the history and development of trade unions. The tranquil barrier park with direct views of the Thames flood barrier – another marvel of engineering and the Woolwich Ferry that has taken people and vehicles across the Thames everyday since 1889.

These are just a few of the so many gems found throughout Newham and we are so well placed as the area develops and London itself moves further east to add new jobs, houses and yes – gems to make Newham an even more popular place to be and stay – many people knock Newham but there are very few areas that have so much heritage, cohesion and future – Newham a gem of a place to be.