New crossing is needed, Silvertown Tunnel consultation finds

Detailed plans for the proposed Silvertown Tunnel have been released (image: TfL)

Detailed plans for the proposed Silvertown Tunnel have been released (image: TfL) - Credit: TfL

A majority of Londoners believe a new river crossing is needed, a consultation into the proposed Silvertown Tunnel has discovered.

Of the 4,600 people who responded to Transport for London’s (TfL) survey between October and December 2014, 83 per cent agreed that a new bridge or tunnel needed to be built.

However, 57pc were against the proposed charge for using the new crossing, which, if it goes ahead, will link Silvertown and Greenwich.

The report mentions that concerns were raised about the increase of traffic into the surrounding area.

Some respondents said that a crossing between Beckton and Thamesmead should be considered or even prioritised.

Darryl Chamberlain, of campaign group No to Silvertown, said: “The next London mayor needs to cut their losses and abandon this idea before it wastes any more time and money.

“We’re told the Silvertown Tunnel will help regenerate east London, but it’ll only add to the congestion and pollution that already blights the area.”

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A user charge has been considered for both the Silvertown and Blackwall tunnels as part of the proposals, to help fund the development.

Matthew Jaffa, Senior Development Manager, Federation of Small Businesses, said: “Whilst we support the need for further road crossings under the Thames at Silvertown, we are disappointed with TfL’s headstrong vision to charge existing road space at the Blackwall Tunnel.”

A further consultation will be held by TfL in the autumn before submitting an application for powers to build the new tunnel in spring 2016.