New breast screening equipment for east London

Women across east London are set to benefit from new breast screening equipment after health services received �1.1million in funding.

NHS East London and the City has received the cash to invest in breast screening services for women in Hackney and Newham.

It will be used to buy breast screening equipment that takes digital images. Unlike the current equipment, these can be immediately checked for image quality so reducing the need to call women back if the quality of the x-ray isn’t good enough.

The new equipment will also be accessible from a central, fixed site in each borough rather than the mobile vans used at present, making it easier for local women to access.

The funding is part of �6 million nationwide NHS funding to improve cancer care and screening.

Women are invited to attend a breast screening appointment every three years from 50 to 70-years-old. The number of eligible women attending screening appointments in east London is increasing but it still not as high as other parts of England.

Breast screening saves an estimated 1,400 lives each year. The risk of cancer rises as women get older, but breast screening can find cancers at a very early stage, when there are more treatment options and the chances of survival are better.

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Women have to be registered with a GP to receive an invitation to attend a breast screening appointment. It is vital that patients are registered with a GP to receive their breast screening invitation. Women over 70 are asked to contact the National NHS Cancer Screening Programme team to find out about access.

Marie Gabriel, Chair of NHS East London and the City, said: “Local women deserve the best quality care available, as well as easier access to facilities. This funding will enable us to improve the screening services we offer to women across East London and the City.

“I would encourage every woman who gets an invitation to a breast screening appointment to attend.