Drivers have been told that pushing a single button could help them cut their fuel bills while still arriving to their destination on time.

Google Maps is one of the most popular sat nav platforms in the UK, with millions of Brits using the software on their phones or via inbuilt systems in their cars.

The systems are a key part of modern motoring, guiding people around traffic hold-ups and bypassing toll roads.

But there is also a button you can push that will save you some money and cut the amount of fuel you use.

According to the RAC, prices on the forecourts have dropped slightly over the past few months. But motorists are still paying an average of 147.88p per litre for petrol and 153.58p a litre for diesel.

This means any method of cutting fuel use is more than welcome.

Graham Conway, from Select Car Leasing, explained: “Google Maps is full of great features - but there is one in particular that is commonly ignored which can prove a huge boost for motorists.

“All you have to do to take advantage of it is to enter your destination into the app and choose ‘directions’, then look for the three small vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

“Select ‘options’ and then look for the ‘prefer fuel-efficient routes’ toggle, which you can switch on by moving to the right. You can also select it via the settings in your profile.

“The software will then use a selection of specific data to make sure you are not only saving on fuel, but also being kind to the planet.”

The Google Maps website explains how the feature works.

It says: “Google Maps can estimate fuel or energy efficiency for different vehicle types, including electric and combustion engine cars, as well as petrol motorcycles.

“The more fuel or energy efficient the route, the lower your vehicle’s fuel or energy usage and CO2e emissions.

“To determine the best route, if this feature is turned on, Maps will consider fuel efficiency in addition to factors like real-time traffic, route simplicity and road conditions.

“With that, besides the fastest route, Maps will always highlight the most efficient one, as long as there are multiple routes to your destination.”