Bottled water is a common sight on supermarket shelves and some people might wonder if it can go bad.

After all, they usually have a Best Before Date printed on the bottle, but can it actually expire or be dangerous to drink after a certain period of time?

Here's all you need to know on bottled water including how it should be best stored.

Can bottled water expire?

Bottles of water usually have a Best Before DateBottles of water usually have a Best Before Date (Image: Getty Images)

Bottled water cannot go off per se but it is recommended to drink it within a certain period of time.

Buxton Water explains: "Strictly speaking, water cannot go off because it does not contain proteins or sugars (which are broken down by microbes in foods which can go off).

"If left in the open, your water may taste slightly different since it will absorb carbon dioxide. For this reason, the recommended period is to consume the water 3 days following the day it was opened."

However, obviously, this advice does not cover if you've kept an unopened bottle of water for perhaps months on end.

How long will bottled water last?

Speaking to The Sun, the Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA) (previously called the Natural Hydration Council), said: "Natural spring and mineral waters are natural, pure products, which are untouched and untreated by any chemicals.

"To ensure optimum taste and quality a best-before-date is in place on all packaging for bottled water (plastic, glass, aluminium cans).

"After this date, the water is still safe to drink regardless of whether it is packaged in PET plastic, glass or aluminium, but to ensure optimum taste and quality it is recommended to be consumed within 18 months to two years."

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How should you store bottled water?

Bottle water should be stored in a cool or room temperature environment out of the way of any direct sunlight.

If you've opened a bottle of water it is best to recap it and put it in the fridge so that a refreshing taste can be preserved.

How much water should you drink in a day?

It is recommended that people drink between six to eight cups of water a day to help remain healthy.