A former builder has revealed a little-known cause of damp and mould that could be causing serious damage to your property as well as an easy way to prevent this for just £10.

The expert revealed the often overlooked cause of damp and mould that many homeowners miss when looking for a source of the problem.

The expert noted that damp conditions could be caused by guttering issues outside the house that allow mould to develop inside.

Clive Holland, a former builder and broadcaster on a popular podcast and radio show on Fix Radio, told The Sun newspaper: "Your gutters redirect rain away from your roof and foundations to prevent water damage. But if they become blocked by wet debris, they may not be working properly."

Newham Recorder: (PA) The building expert revealed one way to deal with damp for under £10(PA) The building expert revealed one way to deal with damp for under £10 (Image: PA)

He added that if your gutters are blocked, the rain won't have anywhere to go, meaning it can be pushed under your roof and seep into your home.

This begins the process of mould growth which can cause problems for the structure and your health.

However, Clive revealed one easy fix to the damp problem that won't break the bank.

Costing less than £10, the expert said all you need is a gutter guard which will prevent debris and other objects from blocking it.

This will allow for easier flow and stop the water from building up and affecting your home.

Luckily, these can be purchased online from marketplaces like Amazon where a gutter guard can cost anywhere from £7.99 and £8.98.

Clive added that the mesh guards are pretty easy to fit, advising homeowners:  "Lay the mesh down and use the pegs to hold it in place. If you've bought guards, these will often clip together without you needing screws."

Clive also said you can buy 'bird's nests' or 'balloons' which are used in the part of the gutter where the water is removed and spread.

Of the dangers of damp, Clive said: "Damp can cause quite a lot of grief. If it gets into your property, it can damage your belongings.

"Mould can also cause a whole host of allergies and irritants. That's why keeping gutters unclogged is so important, as it can help minimise both damp and mould."