Mystery smell puzzles passers by in Stratford

Passers-by have been creating a big stink in east London this-afternoon over a mystery smell permeating the streets around Stratford.

Shoppers and office workers in Stratford Broadway and the Stratford City shopping centre have been turning their noses up at the putrid pungency wafting across the district.

“I could smell it at the shopping mall and all the way back to the Broadway,” said Trevor Blackman who runs Break London radio station in Stratford. “The smell was everywhere, like rotting fish. But no-one knows what it is.”

Others have described it as rotting flesh. Passerby Maryam sent out her own twitter exclaiming: “Eeeeurgh—what is that vile smell in Stratford? Puke! Bleurgh!”

But the smell remains a mystery. Fire Brigade senior officers at Stratford could smell nothing and have so far received no calls about it.