Mysterious dog lost in Manor Park cemetery

Help is needed to find the owner of a mysterious dog sighted wandering among the graves of a cemetery in Manor Park.

Thought to be a Staffordshire bull terrier crossbreed, the light brown female dog has been lost in the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium for the past week.

Recorder reader Alyson Maddox, from Chingford, who first expressed concern about the animal after she spotted it on a visit to the Aldersbrook Road cemetery on Sunday August 26.

Alyson, who alerted security at the cemetery before contacting the Recorder, wrote: “On leaving, I noticed a forlorn dog sitting near the entrance.

“I mentioned this to the man on the gate who said the animal had been there for a week.

“The staff were trying to tempt it with food, but so far had been unable to catch it.”

Gary Berks, superintendent and registrar at City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, has contacted the RSPCA and Newham dog wardens to see if they can humanely catch the dog.

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From the dog’s physique, Gary thinks she may have given birth in the last year and she does not seem to be able to find her way out.

Initally sighted at the back of the cemetery, she has also gradually worked her way forwards to the entrance, nearer to visitors, due to hunger.

He told the Recorder: “We have done what we can and we would like to get it safely home.

“My staff have been trying to befriend it as if no-one comes forward to claim it, I have staff who would like to keep it.

“I do hope that it is lost and that an owner can be contacted and would emphasize that it has showed no aggression even when well-intentioned members of staff and public have tried to catch it.”

Anyone with information about the dog or its owner is urged to call the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium on 020 8530 2151 or email