MP asks David Cameron for EU referendum for his Forest Gate mother celebrating her 101 Birthday today

Maud Amess has lived in Newham all of her life, in Forest Gate, and she turned 100 on May 2 last yea

Maud Amess has lived in Newham all of her life, in Forest Gate, and she turned 100 on May 2 last year (2012). St Antony's held a special mass to commemorate her life. Her son, Davis Amess, is the Conservative MP for Southend West and it's the first time a sitting Tory MP's mother has reached 100 as well - David Amess with sister Angela Burns and Katherine Amess with Maud - Credit: Archant

An MP caused cackles in parliament when he asked David Cameron to move the EU referendum forward for his mother, who lives in Forest Gate and who is turning 101 today.

David Amess, conservative MP for Southend West, who was born in Plaistow, put the question about his mother Maud, who worked as a land girl during the Second World War, to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons last Thursday.

He said: “My mother, Maud, was very sad about the death of Baroness Thatcher, but she was delighted that my right hon. Friend committed our party to a referendum on our relationship with the European Union. Given that my mother will be 101 next Thursday, she wondered whether the referendum could be brought forward.”

Mr Cameron responded: “I send my fond regards to my hon. Friend’s mum and wish her a long, happy and healthy life. I remind her that if she votes Conservative in 2015, she will have the in/out referendum that the country deserves.”

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