Motorists warned of Blackwall Tunnel closure

The penultimate closure of the Blackwall Tunnel is this weekend. It will be closed to southbound traffic from 9pm on Friday to 5am on Monday to allow for safety refurbishment works, with the Rotherhithe Tunnel intended to take increased southbound traffic during that time.

It was originally anticipated that ten weekend closures would be necessary over a three-year period, but that has reduced to seven and the overall project is due to finish in December. The final closure is provisionally scheduled in July.

Evening closures on the southbound lane from 9pm to 5am, Sunday to Thursday, will remain until the end of the project.

The Rotherhithe Tunnel will operate two lanes of southbound traffic this weekend and the Woolwich ferry will operate a two-boat service.

Work carried out has included the installation of new ventilation fans in the tunnel’s four shafts, new lighting, upgraded CCTV and new communication systems throughout the tunnel.