What is the most common foreign language in your east London borough?

The future of the Erasmus scheme is not certain, but the latest vote suggests MPs are against negoti

The future of the Erasmus scheme is not certain, but the latest vote suggests MPs are against negotiating full membership with the scheme. Picture: PA / Andrew Parsons - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Use our interactive map to find out what the second most common language is in your east London borough.

Bengali is the most common foreign language spoken in London according to a study by adult education college and charity City Lit.

The study also showed that 311,210 London residents speak a foreign language as their main language at home but less than one in 10 English people can fluently speak a second language.

Lithuanian is the most commonly spoken foreign language in Barking and Dagenham and Havering with around 3 per cent of the borough speaking the language in Barking and Dagenham and just 0.43pc speaking Lithuanian in Havering.

In Tower Hamlets (18pc) and Newham (7pc), Bengali was the second most common language, while in Redbridge (4pc), Urdu topped the list as the most popular foreign language.

To celebrate London's cultural diversity City Lit conducted the survey and discovered that Bengali, Polish and Turkish were the most common foreign languages spoken in London.

Chris Jones, director of sales and marketing, said: "Here at City Lit, we love to celebrate the cultural diversity we are so privileged to have here in the capital of England.

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"It's so interesting to see the range of languages spoken at home by people living just next door to us, but in some cases we might not be able to connect with them on a deeper level due to the potential language barrier.

"People who are unable to speak English might feel somewhat isolated in our country, and in these uncertain political times we urge London residents to reach out to their neighbours - no matter what language they speak - and celebrate each other's differences and similarities.

"Diversity and inclusivity is something that makes London such a fantastic and special place to live - and learning a new language - especially one that's commonly spoken in your area - is a great way to connect with those around you and broaden your experiences."

To find out more visit citylit.ac.uk.

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