Misconduct panel issues Newham cop with warning over response to attack outside chicken shop

Pc Mhamud Hussin was given a written warning at a police misconduct hearing today (July 12) at the M

Pc Mhamud Hussin was given a written warning at a police misconduct hearing today (July 12) at the Met's offices in the Empress State Building. Pic: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

A Newham policeman has escaped dismissal following charges of gross misconduct.

Buxhall Crescent, Hackney. Pic: GOOGLE MAPS

Buxhall Crescent, Hackney. Pic: GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

Pc Mhamud Hussin was in a state of “heightened emotion” when he sent a string of offensive WhatsApp messages including one threatening to kill a man who allegedly attacked his brother-in-law, a police panel concluded.

He was issued with a written warning on Thursday (July 12).

Explaining the punishment, chairman Catherine Elliott said: “It would send a message conduct such as this would not be repeated while enabling an officer of his skill to continue to serve.”

The three member panel heard during the hearing at Met offices in West Brompton that “inexperienced” Pc Hussin sent the messages after his relative’s neighbour Yzaayad Abood allegedly launched the attack outside a chicken shop.

Relations between Mr Abood and Pc Hussin’s families had been strained, Ms Elliott said, adding: “The panel recognises Pc Hussin felt a strong obligation to take action on behalf of his family.

“But he should have exercised more maturity and not allowed himself to be swayed by emotion.”

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The panel agreed the messages were not meant literally.

It was unclear what happened when Pc Hussin joined friends and relatives banging on the door of Mr Abood’s flat in Buxhall Crescent, Hackney on July 13 2016, but it was likely Mr Abood’s grandmother Amenna Abdulli may have brandished a knife, it decided.

After alarmed neighbours called police, Pc Hussin reportedly told the arriving officers: “My brother-in-law has been assaulted by his neighbour. If his neighbour doesn’t get nicked tonight you’ll have to leave officers outside his door because something will happen to him.”

But accounts of an allegedly expletive laden outburst from Pc Hussin couldn’t be relied on.

“Different participants can have different perceptions,” Ms Elliott said.

The panel concluded the officer failed to act with self-control in public, breaching one police behaviour standard.

It considered that Pc Hussin wasn’t encouraged by anyone else, had failed to restrain himself and a “high emotional state” led to a loss of judgement.

However, it agreed the incident was isolated and Pc Hussin, described by some colleagues as a “peacemaker”, had a clear record.