Memories of Silvertown family revisited in new book

Charlie Connelly will launch Constance Street in Newham

Charlie Connelly will launch Constance Street in Newham - Credit: Archant

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live in Newham during the First World War?

Best selling author and TV personality, Charlie Connelly, has delved deep into his family history to provide readers with a personal history of people living in a residential road in Silvertown between the outbreak of the Great War, through the depression of the 1920s, to the turbulent times of the Second World War .

The top writer will be launching the book, called Constance Street, at the Newham Bookshop on Thursday from 6pm.

“I’m excited for the launch,” he said.

“It’s great to be able to do the event at a local bookshop so close to where the events in the book took place.”

Charlie started his investigation into the background of his family’s history after he was shown a map by an older relative.

He said: “It all came about after my great-aunt Joan showed me a map of the street.

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“I thought it was fascinating. I have heard the stories my whole life, I knew the family had a laundry business for the docks, but it was the first time I saw a physical representation of what the street was actually like.”

The writer went on to gather the stories of his family, and others, living in Constance Street at the time to bring the memories of a tight-knit group of working class women alive in the book.

He said: “I loved looking into the history of my family. I think it is just fascinating.

“I actually think everyone should have a go looking into their family history. It can be difficult with family members being more scattered around but some of the stories you come across are just amazing.

“They are even more special when they are personal to your own family background.”

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