Maths ace Umair from East 10!

A numbers prodigy from East Ham has aced his GCSE Maths exam - five years early!

Umair Liaquet, a year six student at Brampton Primary School, sat the higher tier exam in November at the �request of headteacher Ann Sheppard.

Convinced of the ten-year-old’s extraordinary talents, she arranged for Umair to sit the exam at nearby Brampton Manor Academy.

Delighted Umair, who has a sister at the secondary school and a brother at Newham College, received the good news that he had achieved an A grade on January 13 and he is planning to resit for an A* in March.

Proud father Aqeel said: “Umair is a gifted child and I am very thankful to God that he gave me this child. I would like him to carry on his success through secondary school and college.

“I suppose I would like to see him grow up to be a doctor or something like that but he is still very young.

“It’s his choice, it’s up to him what he wants to be.”

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Aqueel, an electrician, puts his son’s success down to encouragement at home, a lot of commitment from teaching staff and a natural flair for numbers.

The father of four is full of praise for the Masterman Road school, adding: “Umair’s teacher’s are very good and they said he should do the exams.

“I give him some help at home but he has no extra teaching apart from that.”

But one thing that is certain for Umair is a Maths A-level which he hopes to sit next year at the grand age of 11.