Manor Park shop sold fake booze and cigarettes

A Manor Park convenience store has been stripped of its premises licence after it was caught selling counterfeit goods.

Trading standards officers found unclassified pornographic DVDs and fake sunglasses on two separate visits to Best Food in Romford Road.

They applied for a review of its premises licence after discovering non duty paid alcohol and more than 1,000 cigarettes in March.

Newham Council’s licensing sub-committee heard the cigarettes included Marlborough Lights, but mainly consisted of Russian brands hidden in several different places.

Trading standards officer George McDougal said the licence holder, who was not at premises at the time of the visits, was warned after the first seizure.

On the second visit, around 8,000 duty evaded cigarettes, vodka, two boxes of counterfeit D&G sunglasses were seized.

A statement made by the sub-committee following the hearing read: “(We) considered that the discovery and seizure of such large amounts of duty evaded goods in such a short space of time is a serious matter.

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“The fact that the licence holder had failed to heed a previous warning (led them) to believe that revocation is an appropriate sanction.

“The licence is therefore revoked on the grounds of the prevention of crime and disorder.”

The store was unavailable for comment as the Recorder went to press. (Have been asked to ring back on Friday).