Manor Park pupils have their say on future of Plashet Park

Pupils at a Manor Park primary school care about their neighbouring park too much to leave it to the grown ups.

Kensington Primary School, in Kensington Avenue, have been working on a project to improve Plashet Park their way ever since they heard money has been allocated by the council for the space’s redevelopment.

The youngsters marched to the park at on Wednesday March 21 with designs for what they want their new park to be like.

Public speaking, debates, petitions, and speeches were made by the pupils as they gave presentations outlining their ideas, like Vino Anbarasu aged 8, who used a megaphone to get her point across.

Ideas brought up during the afternoon were diverse and varied but pupils discussed out their differences to come up with a few common features for Plashet Park.

Kensington Primary said that they would like to bring back the butterfly house, and resurface the ground so it was softer.

They would like certain measures to be taken to increase their sense of safety while playing in the park and to crack down on crime in the area.

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Play areas proved an important theme for the pupils who came up with the radical idea of separate play areas - one for toddlers, and another for older children so different equipment can be installed for different ages and neither group would end up hurting the other.

Hygiene was another topic that proved important to the young community as cleaner toilets also featured in their plans.

Kensington pupils have gathered a petition to present to their East Ham MP Stephen Timms to make sure they, too, have a say in the development of their beloved green space.

Embarking on the Plashet Park project as part of their Citizenship class, the pupils enjoyed taking photographs of things that concerned them to prepare their ideas, they created a questionnaire and consulted parents.