Manor Park project wins top prize

Ekta group C.E.O. Ramesh Verma

Ekta group C.E.O. Ramesh Verma - Credit: Archant

A dementia charity has won top prize at an international awards event.

Ekta Project, based in Manor Park, aims to bring together people who are suffering with dementia.

Earlier this month, the organisation won an award in the Dementia and Arts category at the University of Stirling International Dementia Awards.

A spokeswoman for the project explained that they “have been working hard to raise awareness of dementia for South Asian elders in innovative ways”.

She added: “This includes a play about a family who originally came to the UK from the Punjab, performed by volunteers up to the age of 73, who have given nearly 20 performances across London.”

Professor June Andrews, Director of DSDC said: “This is a great way to celebrate what is best in dementia care. People are putting knowledge into practice and really making a difference for individuals, families and communities.”