Manor Park father in plea to find out how son died

The father of a toddler who collapsed and died just hours after he was seen by a GP wants an inquiry into the cause of his death.

Mohamad Boodhoo took his son, Muhammad, to see a doctor at the Church Road Surgery, Manor Park, on March 9 this year, as he was suffering with a cold.

He was seen by a doctor who told Mr Boodhoo there was nothing wrong with his son. He was advised to give him some paracetamol.

At home the little boy, who was a month short of his third birthday, was behaving normally until the afternoon when he began being sick. He also began vomiting blood.

Mr Boodhoo took him back to the surgery where he was seen by the same doctor who prescribed antibiotics but Mr Boodhoo was unhappy and insisted the GP refer them to A&E.

He took his son to Newham General and was getting him out of the car when he collapsed and died. Though doctors tried to revive the toddler, they were unsuccessful.

A post mortem revealed a natural cause of death meaning that there will be no inquest into the circumstances of the boy’s death.

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However Mr Boodhoo feels that further investigation is necessary. He has been in touch with the surgery asking them to clarify why they did not pick up the infection, why he wasn’t immediately told to dial 999 and why he wasn’t immediately told to go to A&E.

Although his son died more than six weeks ago Mr Boodhoo has yet to hear any explanation from the surgery. He met with a paediatrician on Friday but is still not satisfied with the information he was given.

Mr Boodhoo, who lives with his wife Bibi, in Gloucester Road, Manor Park, said they are devastated at the loss of their son. He said: “He was so healthy and we always fed him fresh food and fruit. We don’t understand how all this could have happened within a couple of hours.”

“It is a nightmare and we don’t understand how can a child die like this and there be no investigation.”

Dr Sadru Kheraj, a spokesman from NHS North East London and the City, said: “This has been a very difficult time for the family. Our sympathies are with them.  

“On behalf of the agencies involved we apologise for the length of time it has taken for the family to have the cause of death explained to them.  

“The way in which this was handled will be looked into. We will take what we have learnt from this and improve the way we communicate and support families following the loss of a child.”