Manor Park care home volunteers strut their stuff for healthier lives

Two care homes in Manor Park got out and about last week to encourage their community to get moving.

Setting off at 11am from Valentines Park in nearby Ilford, volunteers from Bakers Court Nursing Centre, Little Ilford Lane and Mornington Hall Residential and Nursing Home, Whitta Road, held a ‘Memory Walk’ to show the health benefits of regular exercise.

Walking 15 minutes more every day can add up to three years to life expectancy, according to a recent report by private care home provider Bupa entitled Get Walking, Keep Walking.

Clare Baldock, home manager of Bakers Court, said: “We can all do our bit to promote healthy living, whether that’s building a couple more steps into everyday routines or making sure you walk further than you usually do. It’s all about doing that extra bit each day.”

The Memory Walk is the result of a partnership between the Alzheimer’s Society and Bupa as part of their Walk to a Well World week, from September 17 to 23.

Siobhan Drane, Bupa Care Homes’ community and partnerships manager, said: “From incorporating more movement into everyday life through organising push-a-thons for those who are unable to walk, everyone can get involved and enjoy being more active.”

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