Man charged with battery after East Ham Costcutter assault

A man has been arrested.

A man has been arrested. - Credit: Archant

A man has been charged with battery in connection with the Costcutter assault

Police were made aware of footage from an incident of assault being viewed online that is believed to have taken place within the High Street North, East Ham branch of Costcutter.

Quaise Khademi, 23, of Ardleigh Road, Hackney has been charged with battery and a section 4 public order offence today.

A spokesperson for Costcutter Supermarkets Group said: “We are shocked by the events shown in this video and we fully appreciate the level of concern people are expressing.”

“Having spoken with the store owner, he has told us that he is equally appalled and explained that his brother who was not an employee took matters into his own hands when the owner was absent.”

“We want to make it absolutely clear that we find the events within this video totally unacceptable and there is absolutely no place for it within our business.”

“Having investigated the events leading up to and after the incident, we have decided to end our franchise relationship with the store owner and therefore, effective immediately, this store will no longer be part of the Costcutter brand and network.” “With regards the incident itself, we continue to work closely with the police to assist their investigations.”

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Mr Khademi is set to appear in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court tomorrow.